Gusto10.6 MB

descriptionFits my KDM and Ksplash theme "Gusto" stylesnopost, post authorMarkus Schmidt date2012 original file:gusto.tar.gz

Dog26.0 MB

descriptionHoomins bast frend stylesblack_and_white, caramel, magenta, midnight, olive, petrol, red authorMarkus Schmidt date2012 originalDSC_0043.jpg | worldwidewebdomination | file:dog.tar.gz

Cage8.78 MB

descriptionEarth kept in a cage. stylesgolden,light,rusty authorMarkus Schmidt date2010 originalin the dark room | gnackgnackgnack |
The Dark Room | alternakive |
Dark room | autowitch |

Watch16.1 MB

descriptionA restless motif, rich in colours. stylesblue, fire, green, ice, smooth, stripe authorMarkus Schmidt date2010 originalCitizen Eco-Drive wrist watch - n.zeissig | file:watch.tar.gz

Peephole8.88 MB

descriptionA hole in a daubed old wall stylesdefault authorMarkus Schmidt date2010 originalconcrete background - David Ganter |
wall hole - GregPC |
Pipe dream - Darwin Bell |

Eye10.7 MB

descriptionEarth as the pupil of a witness. stylesmid,light,dark authorMarkus Schmidt date2010 originalfather of the eye - ~Dezz~ | file:eye.tar.gz

Halloween7.24 MB

descriptionA special theme for halloween - only available for a short period! stylesevil, nice authorMarkus Schmidt date2011 originalSilly Little Man - Halloween Pumpkin - CC-by-sa |
Happy Halloween! - SMercury98 - CC-by |
Book 8 - -Brenda Starr- - CC-by |
Candles 1 - tortipede - CC-by-nc-sa |
Old wooden table - tomdz - CC-by-nc-sa |
Pumpkin - dmansouri - CC-by-nc |

Eschaton15.5 MB

descriptionMother Earth going down the drains stylesexplosion, garbage authorMarkus Schmidt date2011 originallonghorndave - Lightning 2 | CC-BY
BIGDOG3c - Lighning | CC-BY
kristiewells - Lightning Storm over Dallas | CC-BY-NC-SA

Bulb16.4 MB

descriptionHandle with care. stylesdefault, day, night, cold, warm, wood authorMarkus Schmidt date2010 originalBroken Electric Bulb - Artnow314 | file:bulb.tar.gz

Flowers15.1 MB

descriptionDifferent macros of flowers holding the earth in their blossoms stylesorange,pink,violet,white authorMarkus Schmidt date2010 originalswedding flower macro - AlHikes_AZ |
Flower focus - angela7dreams |
Lotus beatiful flower - Easa Shamih |
A white flower with blue spikey - Chris Gin |

A place in heaven10.1 MB

descriptionA fantasy of a calm and secure place in heaven stylesdefault,clean authorMarkus Schmidt date2010 originalSky and clouds - saturnism | file:heaven.tar.gz

Starmap7.28 MB

descriptionA very clean theme for the star map function in xplanetFX 2.1.0 stylesblack, gleam authorMarkus Schmidt date2011 original file:starmap.tar.gz

Bare hands11.0 MB

descriptionThe mankind as one holding the earth in it's hands stylesdefault, earth, fingertips, give, warm authorMarkus Schmidt date2010 originalHands - 96dpi |
A Ball of Light - kcolwell |
medicine Ball - Caitlinator |
How the world really is - lanuiop |
Captured in crystal - garryknight |

Sound dark17.8 MB

descriptionA clean dark style - earth driven by sound. stylesclean_burgund, clean_elegant, clean_forest, clean_midnight, clean_sky, clean_snow, clean_wood, ripples_burgund, ripples_elegant, ripples_forest, ripples_midnight, ripples_sky, ripples_snow, ripples_wood authorMarkus Schmidt date2010 originalSpeaker - kevindean | file:sound_dark.tar.gz

Art8.26 MB

descriptionAll Art Is But Imitation Of Nature. stylesdefault, lines authorMarkus Schmidt date2011 originalWeight of the world - petersandbach - CC-by-sa | Statue of a kouroe. About 530 BC - Tilemahos Efthimiadis - CC-by | eblaser - 242 [painting lady] - CC-by | version2.4.0 file:art.tar.gz

Seed14.1 MB

descriptionHemp - one of the most energetic and useful plants on earth (base template for the 4/20 communities exclusive theme) stylesblack, cold, jungle, light, midnight, olive, orange, sky authorMarkus Schmidt date2011 originalCómo plantar la Marihuana de esqueje o semilla - | | CC-by-sa file:seed.tar.gz

Mate8.18 MB

descriptionA theme for the Mate desktop environment stylesdark, light authorMarkus Schmidt date2013 originalMate Gourd - Refracted Momets TM | CC-by-nc-sa | file:mate.tar.gz

Sphere Within Sphere29.1 MB

descriptionA light theme with a torn earth - based on a sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro stylesberkley, hirshhorn, trinity_1, trinity_2, trinity_3, un, vatican_1, vatican_2 authorMarkus Schmidt date2012 originalvarious artists named in the image files file:sphere_within_sphere.tar.gz

Glass6.35 MB

descriptionA very light style with a nice dark border at the bottom. stylescool, warm authorMarkus Schmidt date2010 originalGlass and Water framed - whisperwolf | file:glass.tar.gz

Nebulae43.1 MB

descriptionEarth in front of different nebulaes stylescarina_chaos, carina_corner, carina_left, carina_right, horsehead_default, horsehead_hidden, NGC-1275_shine, NGC-1275_subtle, WR-25_bottom, WR-25_center, WR-25_flip, WR-25_top authorMarkus Schmidt originalNASA/ESA | Public Domain | date2011 file:nebulae.tar.gz

Dragon23.9 MB

descriptionTi-Long, dragon of the earth stylesblack, deepsky, fire, maroon, olive, pale, sharp, slate authorMarkus Schmidt date2010 originalswidely used motiv just adapted for xplanetFX file:dragon.tar.gz

Tron13.6 MB

descriptionBlue-green flashy cyperpunk stuff stylescircle, city, mcp, plasma authorMarkus Schmidt date2011 originalPhoenix Skyline Night - squeaks2569 | | CC-by-sa
Abstract Wallpaper 17 | WilsonX | CC-by-nc-sa |

xplanetFX19.0 MB

descriptionThe own brand theme of xplanetFX comes in four different colurs stylesaqua, blue, dark, default, light, olive, orange, pink, twilight authorMarkus Schmidt date2013 originalPaint brushes - caros lines - CC-by-nc-sa | file:xplanetfx.tar.gz

Sound10.2 MB

descriptionA clean an colored style - earth driven by sound. stylesclean_blue, clean_green, clean_grey, clean_violet, clean_white, ripples_blue, ripples_green, ripples_grey, ripples_violet, ripples_white authorMarkus Schmidt date2010 originalSpeaker - kevindean | file:sound.tar.gz

Default4.76 MB

descriptionThe default template delivered with xplanetFX stylesdefault authorMarkus Schmidt date2010 file:default.tar.gz

Porthole27.5 MB

descriptionDifferent portholes in various styles stylesgrunge,light,steampunk,wood,wood_black,wood_white,metal authorMarkus Schmidt date2010 originalporthole - mac3737 |
porthole - striatic |
Porthole - Leo Reynolds |
Rusty Metal Plate in Brick Wall - Quasimondo |

Cherry7.24 MB

descriptionEarth in form of a cherry sitting on an old wooden floor. stylesdefault authorMarkus Schmidt date2010 originalCherry - bensonkua | file:cherry.tar.gz

Pure3.63 MB

descriptionA pure star field without any decorations stylesdefault, colored authorMarkus Schmidt date2011 file:pure.tar.gz

Milkyway19.2 MB

descriptionEarth in front of the milky way (idea by Tim van der Kodde) styleseven, displaced, odd, stripe authorMarkus Schmidt, Tim van der Kodde originalEOS Milky Way | ESO/S. Brunier | CC-by-nc-sa | date2011 file:milkyway.tar.gz

Skovmose68.2 MB

descriptionSome of my holiday impressions from Denmark stylessundown, sunset, afternoon, lifebelt, mommark authorMarkus Schmidt date2011 originalImages by Markus Schmidt version2.4.0 file:skovmose.tar.gz